AI, RPA And Business Intelligence – All you need to know to go NEXT

Nowadays we talk much about AI. This AI stands for Artificial intelligence (sometimes called machine intelligence), in simple words –the intelligence demonstrated by machines in disparity to human. Artificial intelligence is applied by human beings when cognition functions are associated with machine works.  

People in business want more growth everyday beating others, and for this, they do not step back from using a number of bi and analytics services. Here comes RPA, Robotic Process Automation.
Robotic Process Automation is a different kind of software workforce that has countless skills. (Just for your knowledge –robotic is the branch of engineering which incorporates multiple disciplines to design, build, program and use robotic machines.) RPA technology allows a configured computer software to impersonate and integrate the actions of a human interacting within digital systems to execute a business process. PRA software works like robots that never sleep in order to perform on a vast variety of tasks. But makes zero mistakes and also reduces the cost of an employee and time consumption. There are various robotic process automation companies that are fully engaged in providing automation services to businesses, companies like Accenture, Synlogics, IBM have the required robotic process automation tools to help business embrace the power of automation.
To implement RPA in your business you need are RPA solutions that work. RPA solutions rely on good RPA tools – wherein the RPA tools act as advanced and an extended version of previous generation bots. Before we come to know about RPA, enterprises were using bots. But the RPA tools are more efficient and up to date. However, in this state of affairs, it may come to your mind are the RPA tools costlier from the bots? And how to chose them?
Yes, depending on the parameters and usability the cost of the RPA tools are decided.
Also, you must consider some facts while selecting the tools. Here is the checklist-
  • Technology
  • Scalability
  • Quick Deployment
  • Maintenance and Support 
  • Vendor Experience    
  • Security
  • The total cost of Ownership
  • Ease of Use and Control

Now that you have gathered much knowledge about RPA, here are the RPA tools list for you to decide which one you should select as per your need-

Vendor                        Coverage

Another Monday                       covers Europe

AntWorks                              -

Arago                                 -
Automation Anywhere                      Global
Blue Prism                             -
Contextor                              EMEA & North America
Jidoka                             -
Kofax                                  Global
Kryon Systems                          -
NICE Systems                              Global
Pega                                    Global
Redwood Software                      -
UiPath                                  Global
Visual Cron                             -
WorkFusion                                  Global

Well, different tools have different functionality with positive and negative points. But there are Top Three that market leaders recommend- Blue Prism, UiPath & Automation Anywhere. The big shots like Cognizant, Accenture, Capgemini, Deloitte, Adobe, Dell, LinkedIn and many more are the successful users of RPA tools.

RPA has brought a revolution in business process automation and the whole industry is adopting the culture. Still keeping in mind the revolutionary progress and benefits of AI and RPA we just like to put the small thing before you that not to overlook balancing the RPA risk and opportunity.

Having so many advantages we cannot find any reason to be afraid of losing your job because of the automated process. The process is reducing the workload and not the workers. Indeed, there is another industry developing for the aspirings to train the RPA courses and to get a job on RPA software solution. Think about it!

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